March 1, 2021
Joshua Rhind
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Small Businesses & Insurance: Observations of a Broker

Small Businesses & Insurance: Observations of a Broker

By Joshua Rhind

When dealing with small business owners, I find that a large majority are in desperate need of some sound advice regarding their insurance - they’re over insured, they’re under insured and most of them haven’t seen their broker in years. 

Some common questions I get from business owners around insurance include:

  • If my restaurant can’t operate due to a fire or earthquake or world-wide pandemic (too soon?!) will my insurance pay me so my business can survive and doesn’t get drowned in a sea of unpayable overheads?

  • If the tools are stolen from the back of my ute (and I didn’t lock them up) will I get insurance pay out on these?

  • If I crash the aforementioned ute, will insurance pay for a hire vehicle until mine is repaired?

Most small business owners need a straight forward no nonsense, understandable conversation about their business risks and their insurance.

I can look at what you’ve got in place and give you honest feedback about any holes in cover that I can see, with access to a wide range of insurers and tools to compare your current policies. There is no reason not to, it’s literally a win/win! 

If you think you’re paying too much, are worried you are under/over insured or perhaps you just want a broker who keeps in touch with you and will be your only contact for everything - whatever the reason, I’m happy to chat!

Joshua Rhind is a Registered Financial Adviser with Velocity Financial. No investment decision should be taken based on the information in this blog alone. A disclosure statement is available free of charge upon request.

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