Graham Goodisson

Director & Financial Adviser

Hi there, I’m Graham and I started Velocity Financial nearly 20 years ago. I had for many years been running youth development programmes for The Salvation Army and I liked the idea of continuing to help people thrive in other areas of their lives. It started with helping first home buyers, and I now work mostly with business owners. This is around planning, lending, and managing risk for them and their staff. I’m passionate about community and connecting those in need with opportunity. I’ve been very privileged to do this in my previous career, now in my business and also for 20 years as a Trustee of the Te Aro Health Clinic. Our clinic delivers high quality health care for Wellington's most vulnerable and I'm very proud of the fact that Te Aro is now an integral part of Wellington City Health system. I work in New Zealand's two best cities, Tauranga and Wellington. In Tauranga I swim, bike and run (maybe YOGA if I'm feeling particularly aware!) and in Wellington I mostly seem to buy my adult children dinner and drinks.

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Graham Goodisson

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