February 28, 2024
Simon O'Neill
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Sharesies x Velocity KiwiSaver FAQ Live on Instagram

Keen to crush your KiwiSaver? Watch the replay of KiwiSaver Questions Live on Instagram, with Velocity Financial Adviser Simon and Sharesies 3EO Leighton.

We have the whole replay right here for you! Save this post to watch when you have a spare half hour or share with your friends and family! Thank you for all your great questions. 💖

  • What fund should I be in now?
  • Is it too late to start investing over 40?
  • What does "locking in losses" mean?
  • What should my contribution be?
  • What is the advantage of investing in KiwiSaver over investing in the fund itself?
  • KiwiSaver for first home buyers
  • And so much more.

Watch the live here!

Sharesies NZ is a wealth app. Learn more about them here!

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