December 13, 2021
Shona Gaitanos
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Is now a good time to buy a property?

To some of our home buyers, the current housing market conditions feels a bit dicey.

Interest rates have increased, and banks have toughened up on lending, which may make buyers feel less confident in making an offer on a house in the next few months. Oh, and there is also that Covid business too.

Some would-be buyers are waiting for prices to potentially fall a bit lower before making an offer. This is a reasonable, given what the media are saying about house prices flattening (phew!).

We reflected in our team meeting this morning that the next three months is prime time for home buyers, especially those who are sitting on pre-approvals

Has Christmas come early for home buyers?

More houses equals more choice for buyers

There are few reasons for this. Traditionally there is a low housing stock at this time of year, however we may see investors sell their portfolio to avoid the cost of tax changes and healthy homes compliance, which means more houses come to market.  This means an increased supply of houses to market, and more choice for buyers.

Less competition when making an offer

Furthermore, the number of buyers going open homes have dropped dramatically, as buyers wait to see what the market will do or, are unable to secure a loan due to the LVR rules. An agent we spoke to had two open homes last weekend, and no one through. This is a huge change from August this year, when 50 groups on average would cram through the doors, and sellers were flooded with offers. While this sea change is a bit grim for the agent, and indeed the seller, this is Christmas come early to buyers. Buyers now have less competition, which would have previously driven prices up, and potentially priced them out, earlier in the year.

Conditional offers accepted more

Buyers also have more choice when it comes to type of offers they can make on a property. Usually, the rule of thumb is that you'd have a better chance of success with an unconditional offer, when making a bid in a highly competitive market. Now that that competition has dropped off, conditional offers are now being seriously looked at.

In our opinion, it is a buyers' market right now. Christmas has come early.

If you are sitting on a pre-approval, now could be the time..

Get in touch today if you would like your turtle doves in a row for your house buying journey, in Summer 21/22.


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