June 3, 2021
Joshua Rhind
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Insurance: Do I Need a Broker? Or Should I go Direct?

Insurance: Do I Need a Broker? Or Should I go Direct?


By Joshua Rhind


A broker can help you find the insurance provider and policy that’s right for you, but did you know us brokers also help out in the claims process?


From broken iPhone screens to break-ins, we all have claims, it’s an inevitability. But in a stressful claims process it can often feel like you’re alone and there’s no one on your side batting for you.This is where an insurance broker can come in.


We handle the claim on your behalf and our knowledge of policy wordings and how each insurer reacts to certain claims can be incredibly helpful in this regard. We’ll provide you with guidance on how best to approach a claim. However, with a direct option, the insurer is assessing this and they have the final say - it’s often just you vs. the insurer.


At Caveo (the insurance arm of Velocity Financial), we don’t have a separate claims team; it’s always going to be your advisor dealing with you in every aspect of your insurance, including claims.


Aside from filling in the forms, there is generally very little we need you to do for us. We’ll contact the right people, we can liaise with any third party involved in that claim, we will come out to take photos if required, and we’re always available, even after hours.


If you want to find out any of the other benefits of having a broker, or perhaps you’re currently with a direct insurer and want to deal with one person instead of a large corporation, then give Joshua an email on joshua@caveo.co.nz.


Joshua Rhind(FSP637909) is a Financial Adviser with Caveo (FSP729451). He operates under the umbrella of IANZ (FSP26221). No investment decision should be taken based on the information in this blog alone. A disclosure statement is available upon request.



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