March 11, 2022
Joshua Rhind
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Get your insurance sorted with Caveo and start saving on fuel

If your fire and general insurances need a review and you'd like competitive ongoing fuel discounts, read on...

Let's ride!

Discounted fuel available for GST registered Caveo clients

Velocity now has access to extremely competitively priced fuel from selected retailers, including BP and Z. This offer is available to friends who have their General Insurances through Caveo, the General Insurance arm of Velocity Financial (T&Cs apply).

Let's ride!

  • Savings of up to 40c a litre on diesel
  • Up to 15c a litre on diesel

So, if you are self-employed, with a GST number, then this is for you!

Want to know more?

Our General Insurance Caveo boys Joshua and Ben are happy to talk you through the offer. They can give you a review of your current insurances, make a recommendation and if you decide to use Caveo as your broker then you can also grab the fuel discount package and start saving.

To find out more, have a read of the FAQ below and Get in touch to chat with our Caveo boys, Joshua and Ben.

Caveo Fuel Discount offer FAQ

Our General Insurance Caveo boys have teamed up with the New Zealand Trucking Association to get their clients access to extremely competitively priced fuel from selected retailers, including BP and Z.

How does the scheme work?

The New Zealand Trucking Association has a large fuel scheme. On the back of the high volume they have, they can offer businesses that are GST registered the option to join the scheme. They are provided with pricing from their fuel suppliers, and this is different from retail pricing that you see advertised.

How can I access the fuel discounts?
To be eligible you need to be a Caveo Fire and General Insurances customer and GST registered. You will need to fill out an NTA Affiliate Member Application form. (For Caveo clients the membership fee is waived.) Once the application is received, NTA will email links to use online for the Fuel Cards.

Where can I buy fuel from?
BP, Z, McKeown, Challenge and RD Petroleum

How does the pricing work?
Fuel pricing changes regularly, so the NTA updates their fuel scheme pricing when they are given a new pricing.

How many cards can I have?
There is no limit on the number of cards applied for. Also, there are no fees, only a card replacement fee every 2 years.

Diesel drivers Tip!
Best price to purchase diesel is at TRUCK STOPS with all suppliers

About Caveo

Everyday Covered, with Caveo.

Caveo is powered by Velocity Financial, a team of mortgage, insurance and KiwiSaver specialists based in Wellington. Caveo is driven by our belief that all Kiwis deserve health and financial security throughout their entire life, no matter their age or life stage. We believe that life doesn’t have to be left to chance, instead, life happens when plans are made. Momentum is built when plans are made.

Let us talk you through cover for:

  • Material Damage
  • Business Interruption
  • Business Liability
  • Commercial Vehicle
  • Professional Indemnity

Insurance sorted. Fuel discounted. Talk to us today.

Contact Joshua today to get access to this awesome deal

Joshua Rhind
027 384 6444

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