Willie Gunn

Client Services Manager

Kia ora, I’m Willie a Client Services Manager here at Velocity Financial. What does a client services manager do, I hear you ask? Well, while the advisors are all out gallivanting around various cafes, us CSMs are back in the office, up to our necks in paperwork. It’s basically our job to prep the applications and make sure that we present you and your situation in the best possible way to the bank. Some may say our jobs are like that of a Hollywood script writer, albeit based on a true story. And I think that is what I enjoy most about my job – the chance to (on a very small scale) craft a BAFTA Award-winning true-story script that Jane Campion or Jemaine Clement would be proud of. On second thoughts, being able to get out and go for a run up Matairangi/Mount Victoria whenever I want to, may also be in the running (see what I did there?) for most enjoyable part of my job.

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Willie Gunn

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