Ben Goulden

Broker Support for Fire & General Insurance

Hi, I'm Ben, a Broker Support for Caveo, our Fire & General insurance arm at Velocity Financial. My main job is helping Joshua find the best cover for your situation, whether you've got a large portfolio, getting that first home, or bought a car - we will guide you through the process of protecting it, making sure it, and you, are looked after. Whether you work best by reading over things, or talking over coffee, I love taking the time to chat and explain things, so that you can be reassured that you've got the right cover for everything life throws at us. When I'm not working, I'll either be found riding my Kawasaki, out in my kayak, running trails, or packing the car for my next roadie. My friends will say I love talking about these just as much as I like doing them, so I'm always ready for a good walking track recommendation if you've got a stunner.

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