Property Investment


Whether you're onto your second home, or you've retired and have decided to get further to get up the property ladder, we can lead you through any concerns or obstacles you might have. 

Buying a second home can be a lot more complicated than when you bought your first home. You will want to consider the following:

  • Should you sell your first home?

  • Can your financial situation support two mortgages?

  • What's changed since you had your first mortgage?

  • What can a bank do for me?

  • Are you wanting to go bigger or smaller?


We want to make your second time round as smooth and easy as round one (hopefully) was. Velocity Financial can make sure you don't end up with two homes you can't afford and a future of candle-lit baked bean dinners. We're sure that novelty would wear off fast! 

All it takes is a free, no obligation chat with us, and we can run you through all the options, good and bad, and ensure you fully understand the pros and cons of each and have a strategy for the option you choose.

Once upon a time retiring with a mortgage was unthinkable. But that was then, and this is now and "now" has equity release mortgages (ERM).

An ERM is one which uses the equity you have in your house (how much of it you own) as security. In general, no repayments are made until you sell the house or die. These can be a life saver for some, but not ideal for others.

If you're in this situation and want to know if an ERM is best for you, contact Velocity Financial. We will assess your current financial situation and give you an honest idea of where you can go. 

We also run a number of Investment Property Seminars throughout the year, check out our events page.