Financial Advice

Managing your money can be pretty tough work. On top of that, there’s a lot of fear. Am I doing the right thing? Is this investment a good idea? Could I be doing better with my money? And sometimes you just need a little tough love to whip you into shape and reign in those spending habits. Not all of us have the knowledge or skills to manage our money with the best possible strategy, and that’s where a bit of professional advice really helps.


Whether you just want the confidence that you’re long term plan is going to work, you desperately need to get your day-to-day spending under control or you are looking for solid investment advice, we’re here to help you get put a plan in place that will work for you.

Good financial advice starts with a comprehensive understanding of your current situation, your goals, your spending habits and an ability to balance your short term and long term needs. It also comes judgement free – we’re not going to tell you off for your three flat whites a day, but we will let you know what else you could do with that money.

Personal financial advice

We help clients with everything from budgeting advice to getting debts under control – financial advice isn’t just about investments and retirement plans.

Borrowing help

We can help you borrow money, whether it is for a personal loan, to consolidate debt or to simply review your banking structure to make sure your money is in the right places – with the least fees and the most potential gain.

Insurance help

An important part of financial advice is making sure your future is protected, no matter what happens. There are a tonne of different insurance options available, so a big part of our job is helping you navigate the waters of the insurance world to pick the best product from the best company. And that’s different for everyone. 

Investing Advice


Investments are risky. And that creates a lot of fear in people. But done well, the risk pays off and a good investment strategy can secure your future. However, everyone’s strategy is different. We take time to understand you and your finances completely, to ensure the strategy is the best for you – including the right level of risk to balance all your needs and goals.


KiwiSaver Advice

Just like any investment, there are loads of different KiwiSaver funds, all with their own strengths and weaknesses, some with more weakness than others and vice versa. We can help you choose the best fund to balance fees, return and risk levels – you don’t have to stick to the default!


Let us lead you through the journey to financial security and reaching your goals