Why I Went to the Sevens, not Guns N’ Roses

Graham shifts the discussion away from interest rates and LVRs to something far more important: Would you rather win a free ticket to the Sevens or Guns N’ Roses?


So why did I go to the Sevens, not GNR? Because I am an idiot.  How could I get it so wrong?


I'm not actually a massive GNR fan. I think they are a bit wet but, at the same time, I have many good memories attached to the music. I also have good memories attached to the Sevens but, sadly, I hurt these memories badly by going to the recent event.


Both events made me think about life, Wellington and business.


1. Don't mess with a wining formula.


2. It’s difficult to fix it once you break it.


3. Always go to the big shows!


4. We only like the real thing! Sevens is not real rugby so why go and watch it whereas GNR are the real rock n’ roll deal.


5. Kind of ironic that it was beautiful for the Sevens and horrendous for GNR and the weather had no impact on either.


6. Hurtful that I got a free ticket to the Sevens and my son got a free ticket to GNR. I just don’t know what the universe is telling me!



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