selling your home

5 Tricks to Maximise Your Home’s Sale Price

An afternoon’s work can go a long way to making your home far more appealing to potential buyers. Kylie gives her top five tricks for putting your property’s best foot forward.


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1. Street Appeal: If you’re going to spend some money on improving your home, the best place to invest is on your home’s street appeal.

Your house should look as welcoming as possible. When a home makes a great first impression a potential buyer will be more likely to come inside and inspect the rest of your house or make an offer.

You can improve your home’s street appeal by painting the front door, planting some colourful flowers, clearing away the front entrance way, weeding the garden and keeping your lawns freshly cut. Invest in a new doormat and clear cobwebs or debris from entrances. You’ll be sure to have a more welcoming home.

2. Fresh and Clean: A clean house not only makes a strong first impression but also lets buyers know it has been well cared for.

Wash curtains and blinds in order to eliminate bad odours. Wash handles, mop floors and wipe down walls of any finger marks (a must if you have young children in the house!). Wash windows to allow as much light as possible into the home and consider removing any curtains that might need replacing.

3. Space. Space. Space. The less you have in a room, the bigger it looks. Simple! So remove any excess furniture to maximise the impression of space.

4. Depersonalise: Remove any personal belongings such as family photographs, certificates and personal hygiene items in the bathroom. You want buyers to be able to say, “I can see myself living here.” Having personal items of you and yours can be a distraction. 

5. De-Clutter: Do your best to show the buyer that your home has plenty of storage by making sure everything has a home. If necessary, consider purchasing a flat-pack cupboard from your local hardware store for the laundry or garage to provide extra storage. Tidy and fold away all towels and sheets in the linen cupboards, and tidy the kitchen cupboards and wardrobes (yes, potential buyers will look in there too!).