Is it too Late for New Year’s Resolutions?

Even if you’ve already slipped up on your New Year’s resolutions, Graham argues that it’s never too late to look at your life as a whole, dream some goals and create new habits to achieve them.


I made my New Year’s resolutions way back in October so, I must say, I felt slightly righteous on the first of January.


However, I can’t take all the credit for getting a couple of months’ head start. My friend Mary Hancock from Genratec gave me some sage advice in terms of how to end the year well and move on to the New Year in style. Here are the steps she gave me that got me started back in October, and although it’s February it’s never too late for you to follow her steps as well.


1. Take stock of 2016. Remember the highs and the lows.

2. Reaffirm your vision and purpose.

3. Articulate your clear goals for 2017.

4. Write them down. 

5. Create practises that will feed the plan and reach those goals.


Here's to a life of purpose and intention for 2017.


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