Meet the Team - Kylie Cassidy

We wanted to take this opportunity to introduce Kylie Cassidy. She isn’t the latest team member but she is next in line to be introduced (and stay tuned for further instalments on that front). Anyway, Kylie …


… She started with us in March of this year working as Brendon's assistant. She and her husband were clients of Brendon and so had seen Velocity in action from the other side of the fence. 


We made a mental note that Kylie would be a great fit for Velocity Financial so when we were in need of some further hands on deck we made her an offer she couldn’t refuse!


Kylie comes with a 10-year background in insurance and administration and has recently graduated with a design degree. So, as well as working as part of Brendon’s team, she is dedicating time each week as our Velocity Brand Manager. 


Kylie tells us she loves working at Velocity Financial. It is her best job ever! (Her words, not ours … promise!)


In her spare time Kylie also runs a photography business taking photos of families and newborns. She also enjoys CrossFit (well, at least she did until she broke her rib! Goodbye, Crossfit.) and spending time with her young family.