Handy Hint for Being Application Ready


Online statements are great for the trees, but not so great when it comes to proving your address while making an important application. Here’s a quick ninja tip for both saving the planet and saving yourself some stress.


These days it’s great to see so many companies encouraging us to use and download online statements, rather than printed copies. Some are even charging for paper statements to encourage us to do our bit for the planet.


However, it can be an issue if you need to prove your address at any stage.


Whether you’re opening a new bank account, putting something on hire purchase or buying/selling a house, they will require a utility bill or bank statement that has been sent to your home to confirm your address in the last three months.


So, a handy hint from the people who have helped process hundreds of mortgage applications …


If you have no utility bill or bank statement coming to your home address, get something (i.e. a utility bill or bank statement) sent to your home address at least once. This might mean turning paper statements on and then off after a delivery or two. Simple solution.


No investment decision should be taken based on the information in this blog alone. A disclosure statement is available free of charge upon request.