Meet Stevie: Allow myself to introduce … myself


By Stevie Waring


Get to know Stevie—the latest addition to the Velocity team.


As a child growing up in Lower Hutt, I distinctly remember thinking you couldn’t get better than the Hutt Valley—surely, I have been born into the most beautiful place on Earth. It’s a pity the invention of the Internet (and, with it, a realisation of the big, wide world) shattered my euphoric notion of life in paradise.


The places I would see, the wonder, and amazement. These moving pictures were the driving force to eventually see my dreams fulfilled, my dream of becoming Client Services Manager at Velocity Financial. Working with Graham Goodisson was the icing on the cake!


In all serious though, I’m absolutely loving the extremely rewarding challenge of helping drive Velocity’s relentless pursuit of getting the complex done. There’s the navigating of numbers, the pursuing of banks, the confirming with insurance companies and, amidst it all, I love making the client the centre of attention.


I do the chasing, answering, and relaxing of clients. I’m on a mission to provide you with up-to-date information on where things are at, plus relaying information from Graham to you.


Although my 90-day trial period is not yet up, I believe I have a bright future here at Velocity Financial—the place where, for me, dreams are coming true daily.


Anyway, I look forward to getting to know you more in the future.