Meet the Team: Alex Barendregt

Each month we get personal with a Velocity team member, discovering what makes them tick - other than making the best financial deals for our clients.

 First up is Alex—our very own Dutch rugby star!

 Alex is a real code head -  this means for outsiders that he lives and breathes rugby. Since his arrival in Wellington he has been playing rugby for Old Boys University. Affectionately known as the Billy Goats, Alex has played for the OBU’s premier team for a season and a half in his usual position of tight-head prop, where he can put his big, hulking frame to good work.

 OBU has been hitting new highs over the last few years, winning the Jubilee Cup in 2015 and, most recently, the Swindale Shield for the first time in their long history. Both trophies are the most coveted rugby trophies in Wellington.

 Besides playing for OBU, he plays for the Dutch national team and most recently Alex went to The Netherlands to play three test matches for the national XV in the European Nations Cup. After a good win against Poland, they just lost out to the Ukraine. The Netherlands finished the series with a good, solid win over Sweden.

 Outside of playing rugby, he loves to watch as much rugby as he can. The fact we can watch school rugby on TV is just amazing to Alex. Some of the guys playing school rugby are just superstars in the making!

 Talking of superstars, the first All Blacks Test against Wales last Saturday was of epic proportions, and the Welsh really brought it to the All Blacks on home soil. This coming Saturday will be the first time Alex has watched an All Blacks Test in Wellington -  this is very exciting as it could be the decider (note: given that Wales last beat New Zealand in 1953, we can feel pretty confident that our World Champion All Blacks will again be ahead on the score sheet come full-time). Go the All Blacks!!! (Of course, depending when you read this, these comments may well be yesterday’s news.)