Look What Our Clients Are Doing!

In a new series of blogs we highlight what some of our more extroverted clients are up to.


This month, Rob Cope, a long-time client of ours finds himself hitchhiking from San Francisco to New York with … his fridge … yes, fridge.


Rob is the founder of Project Wildman, which exists to help men discover a sense of their own unique identity. He has published two books: Men Wanted for Hazardous Journey and If Your Wife Kicks You Out Grad the Fridge and Run!


It’s the latter book that has inspired his fridge-laden trek across North America. The book helps men face divorce and draws on his personal journey of dealing with this massively life-altering event.


He has about a week to go and you will see him trying pretty hard to get a spot on the Jimmy Fallon Show to plug his fridge in and see if it is still working.


You will find his regular posts on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/projectwildman/


And you can grab his new book on Amazon:

Your wife kicks grab Fridge




A warning: His language is “colourful” and the views of the client do not necessarily represent the views of Velocity!