So This Is Christmas And What Have You Done?

Lance offers some festive words of wisdom with a little help from Lennon and McCartney.


The title of this blog can be taken in many ways, especially if you’re unaware that this is a line from a John Lennon anti-war protest song. So then, the challenge for me is to work out how to combine the topics of war, Christmas, mortgage finance, and personal insurance together on in one little blog. Here goes …


1. A Time of Hope (Mortgage)


Christmas is a time for taking stock and reflecting on the year but it’s also a time of hope—hoping for better things to come, for new beginnings.


2016 may have been a tough year for you. You may have missed out on property for an array of reasons (lack of stock, timing around income, unhelpful advice, or changes in lending policy from the banks). However, better days are coming. Even if you have already been to a bank, let us at Velocity give you a second opinion and see if we can give you some Christmas joy!


2. A Time for Danger (War)


Potentially, Christmas can also be a time of danger: extended periods of time with “loved ones” can lead to all kind of risks. So now’s a great opportunity to take a moment to assess your risk management strategy and decide whether you would like to renege on your offer of hosting lunch this year.


If you are already in too deep and the Christmas invitations are being sent out, including our contact details for some life insurance may be of help. For, even if you cannot stop the inevitable extended family carnage, at least you can sit back and watch the drama unfold with peace of mind. To borrow the words from another member of the fab four: “When I find myself in times of trouble … let it be.”


I am aware that Christmas talk in November is the last thing many of you want to hear and certainly seeing the Christmas decorations up at the shopping centres on 1 November was a shock. But I say just roll with it. Even try getting excited, because there is no stopping the arrival of the festive season and whatever happens “we can work it out”—thanks John and Paul for your words of wisdom.


Lance Shearman is a Registered Financial Adviser with Velocity Financial. No investment decision should be taken based on the information in this blog alone. A disclosure statement is available free of charge upon request.