The return of the Marathon Blog

Long-term Velocity clients may remember The Marathon Blog when it was a regular part of Velocity Spin from 2009 for two or three years. It traced the running exploits of the Velocity Financial directors as we prepared to run the 2010 New York Marathon. The blog tapered off in the years that followed … unfortunately, also with the training (without mentioning any names)


However, this month we have been brainstorming blog ideas and wanted to bring a bit of human interest back in to our monthly communications. So we have decided to resurrect the aforementioned blog (it may get a name change …  as the name is probably going to limit the interest me thinks).


We are also part of a company that aims to live balanced, healthy lives. So, without wanting to tell people what to do and how to live, we thought we could share some of our successes and failures in this blog. If not for your inspiration or perhaps entertainment, our exploits may at least provide a warning to many!


So, some more about me.


After running the New York Marathon (which I did by the way as I had had a small “stroke like incident” three years prior…  and decided if I was going to go out it may as well be in a blaze of glory) I decided I quite liked running. I particularly liked running in the mountains. I think it was a combination of getting outside, having some space and setting goals (i.e. entering a running event) then working hard to achieve them. 


I also find running can be quite meditative and it is a chance to ponder things. I will often download a bunch of podcasts for the week and work my way through them while on the run. My colleagues just love listening to all the interesting things I discover as I recount them on a Monday morning.


Long story short … 11 February 2017 is my biggest challenge yet as I have signed up to run the Tarawera Ultra Marathon (100k).


Right now I am thinking this was not a good idea. However, given my personality type, it is now way too late to change my mind on this. Feel free to ask me how the training is going if you are at all interested—I am happy to talk about running for hours! And I will, of course, update you in my next turn writing The Marathon Blog.